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About Bengal Lights Literary Conclave

Bengal Lights Literary Conclave aims to occupy the discussion space between literary festivals and academic conferences, with concentrated discussions on a relevant literary theme, delving into it through structured panel discussions that each address an essential and complementary aspect of the broader topic. We further aim to capture the essence of the discussions in essays to be later published in the Bengal Lights literary journal as well as partner publications.



About Bengal Lights

Bengal Lights is a semiannual literary journal founded in 2012 at ULAB. The first four issues of the journal have already made an impact inliterary circles of the region. Bengal Lights later established its own imprint, Bengal Lights Books (BLB), to promote quality writing from Bangladesh. Working closely with ULAB’s Dhaka Translation Center, BLB publishes original works, and translates into English works from Bengali and other languages. BLB has partnerships with Unnamed Press and Phoneme. 

About ULAB

The University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB) was founded as a place of learning where well-rounded students would be fully steeped in the values of their own heritage and a sense of service to their country, in addition to being trained to excel in the modern global workplace. ULAB was formally launched on October 1, 2004.